You are Loved

Words of affirmation is one of my primary Love Languages. However, affirmation does not come naturally to my husband. He has to be very intentional when filling my love tank. One day when I was feeling down he did just that. I woke up to a pink note card taped to the mirror where I get ready and felt an overwhelming sense of love and joy.

I decided to keep the lovely note just beside the mirror on the wall, so I would be reminded every day by the pink note how much my husband loved me. Over time, however, the once vibrant pink note began to fade into the background with all the other decorations and, let’s be honest, mess in the bathroom.

At times, I think this is how we see God. We are feeling down and anxious and then our prayers are answered. He comes through, and we think “I’m going to remember this moment the next time I’m sad,” but the next moment comes, and the once miraculous thing seems to fade into the background.

I’m sure we’ve all been there; I obviously have, and this isn’t meant to make you feel guilty when we do let the loving notes fade. No, this is a reminder that just because we stopped noticing the note doesn’t mean the love ever went away. His love will NEVER go away. This story is a reminder that when we are down, we can set our intention to him and allow ourselves to recognize the sometimes small, sometimes big notes He places in our lives. You are loved, dear one, even when you don’t feel it.

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