Not East, but Worth It

I hate the cold. I’m a Florida girl through-and-through and would much rather a sunny day with 100% humidity than a 20-degree day with snow. With that said, there is one good thing about snow, and it’s that you don’t have to do yard work.

Aaron and I were living in Columbus, Ohio, and spring was in the air. We loved the weather but didn’t find the time to keep up with our yard responsibilities until it was out of control. I’m talking jungle, guys.

Aaron and I had a Saturday off, and with the pressure of a looming party, we decided to get to work on the yard. We, rather Aaron, started by mowing the lawn. However, there were parts on the lawn that were too thick to mow, so I had to take hedge clippers and cut down the knee-high weeds so Aaron could go back over it with the lawnmower. It was a full agonizing day of work we could have avoided had Aaron and I kept up with the lawn little by little.

Don’t we do this sometimes in our life? We put things off, like an emotional conversation, or saying I’m sorry or helping someone in need until the thing we put off is a literal jungle in our backyard. You might be thinking, “Really, Kailey? Do we need another Christian telling us to do more and be better?” The answer is no, you don’t, and that’s not what I’m here to do. Yes, Aaron and I could have taken care of the lawn little by little and made it easier on ourselves, but we didn’t. You may have let your “lawn” grow out too, and that’s okay.

What I will tell you is that it is ALWAYS worth it to spend the day sweating and pulling weeds, because the after, the end result, is so worth it. Yes, that conversation might be hard. Yes, it might take years to mend that relationship. No, it won’t be an easy fix, but it will be worth it.

I wish I had the before and after pictures of our yard, but I don’t, and you may not ever get the before and after pictures of the heart you changed, but I promise the work is worth it.

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