Heart Change

One-night Aaron and I were really hungry, and for a reason that escapes me now, I was also pretty annoyed with him. Previously, though, I told him we could cook dinner together.

We began making the meal, and I was incredibly passive aggressive, annoyed that he didn’t know I was annoyed and didn’t ask what was wrong with me. I for-real wanted to unload on him. As we continued cooking in the kitchen, I began to find myself having fun. I enjoyed cooking with my husband. I enjoyed being with him and doing something together. Even though I was annoyed with him, I was reminded of why I love him. We began laughing and dancing and all of a sudden, I realized, the reason I was mad at him didn’t matter. I’m sure the reason was petty, and that’s likely why I don’t remember it.

There are times when I am annoyed at God or at life and because of it, I don’t allow myself to see the good or be positive or enjoy cooking a meal with my husband. I didn’t want to go in the kitchen that night, but I’m glad I did, because along the way, I began to dance and sing and laugh. It’s okay to be frustrated and to not want to do something, and sometimes you should listen to that voice, but other times you have to change your actions before your heart changes. Step into the kitchen, while it’s hot at times, you just might end up with a delicious meal, dancing and laughing with the one you love.

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  1. Great way to think and it always brings super results……Iam proud of your excellent way of living your life….Love to you both…Grandy

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