Our Approach

We love Jesus, and Jesus loves people; therefore, we believe we're called to love people as well. All people. Black, brown, white, Christian, atheist, Muslim, gay, straight and everyone in between. At Beauty Saves, we believe in the passionate pursuit of peace, justice, and mercy for the sake of reconciliation.


How we do it

The way we pursue this goal is through the telling of stories and transforming our mind and hearts to become more like His. There is so much beauty in everyday moments, in someone's testimony and even in heartbreak. You can find encouraging anecdotes in our "Stories" tab. In addition to finding the beauty in everyday moments, we are called to renew our minds continually (Romans 12:2). We'll have thought-provoking and honest conversation about the state of American Christianity and what the Kingdom of Heaven looks like in our "Seeking Peace Journal" tab. For interviews and conversations, subscribe to our podcast, "Seeking Peace."